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The Green Island Nation Initiative

Montserrat has a new government that is innovative and integrity-based.  New infrastructure is being built to replace and exceed what existed before the volcano.  The Montserrat Institute of Advanced Technology will be providing training and expertise for the rebuilding of Montserrat.  This brings an unprecedented opportunity to be the first independent green island nation in the world.



Recent News from Monserrat Institute of Advanced Technology

Electronic Soldering is the next open course.

 Courses on robotics, sensors, and optics will begin shortly!

See our LavaBot 2015 Challenge- a robotics contest for the Caribbean! (Extended to August to allow more participants entry.)

Learn about the Green Island Nation Initiative

  Our one-hour weekly science and technology lectures will resume shortly in a new facility.  Our next lecture will be on software and its theory.  Stay tuned!

Webinar classes will be made available soon.

Find out how you can become a part of the Institute's efforts.

We appreciate your donation of equipment and resources from industry to serve as hands-on teaching aids.

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Here is a video about MIAT

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