Montserrat lost a large segment of its population due to the crisis with the volcano.  With that came a loss of farmland, industry, and professional skills.  Our goals are to provide solid technical education for the citizens of Montserrat and to encourage our graduates to remain on the island and help to rebuild its economy and resources.  This island can be transformed into a green and self sustaining community and MIAT will be instrumental to that process.  MIAT also wants to provide the impetus that will convince members of the diaspora to return to their home here in the Caribbean.  We must show our students that every resource exists here to make their lives as fulfilling and powerful as any they might have elsewhere in the world.


The Green Island Nation Initiative

    Montserrat is presently undergoing a phase of development and growth that will bring new life to the island.  Numerous projects are underway to improve life and make the island more sustainable.  Among those projects are:
   * New geothermal energy sources are being put in place presently.  Two wells have been drilled and a third is scheduled to begin soon.
    * A new city is being built on the northern end of the island, far from the volcano.  In the event of renewed volcanic activity, this city would be out of the range of an eruption.
   * The fiber optic cable for Internet service will be installed soon.  This will bring high-speed digital access to the island's inhabitants.
    * A project to help convert ash-covered land into viable, fertile farmland is also being put together.  This project will bring the cost of fresh vegetables down and reduce the cost of shipping that is now associated with much of the fresh food that must be imported.
    * New educational initiatives are being created that will help improve the state of technological training and medical training for the young people of Montserrat.
    * A MakerSpace is being set up to allow young people to use their imaginations in making robots, tools, devices, and whatever else they can come up with.
    * Solid Waste Management is now being developed to reduce and then eliminate the need for landfill space.  Useful products can be produced from metal, plastic, and glass that is currently ending up in the landfill.
    * Retired scientists, engineers, and teachers are being invited to the island so that they can perform research, teach, and inspire the youth and show them that the island has a solid future and that they are to be a large part of it.

    This is only a small part of the efforts that are presently being set in motion.  You can be a part of this effort.  Imagine living on an island where the climate is very pleasant, the people are friendly, and opportunity to do great things exists!
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